Terma and Printca have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to establish close cooperation between the two high-tech companies with activities within space, defense, and security. Over recent years, Printca has increased deliveries to Terma of advanced electronics such as highly reliable circuit boards for Terma's radar systems and space technology.

The signing of the MoU is significant for Denmark as exports of advanced technology generate jobs in the country both in the knowledge sector and the industrial production sector. The Danish Minister for Foreign Affairs, Lene Espersen, commented, “I find it positive that Terma and Printca have entered into the partnership agreement enabling them to manage the strong international competition. The exports generate growth and welfare in Denmark.”

“It is crucial to Terma that we have competent and reliable sub-suppliers such as Printca being able to deliver leading-edge circuit board technology. Terma has an export share of more than 90 percent and our customers demand flexible solutions in the defense, security, and space areas to which Printca contributes. High-tech jobs is also the formula for creating growth and employment in Denmark and we are pleased to come a step closer to meet the future requirements for advanced technology", said Jørn Henrik Levy Rasmussen, Corporate Vice President, Customer & Markets, Terma.

The Printca facility at Aalborg has 70 employees and the new cooperation offers new possibilities for the company according to the company’s Managing Director, Git Becker: “An agreement with Terma in a long-term partnership is a perfect match between our two high-tech companies with both technological and commercial synergies. It will improve our position in development and supply of advanced high-tech circuit boards. We are proud to take this further step and happy for the potential in the cooperation with Terma.”