MTT-S IMS 2011 Exhibitor Preview: Semiconductors
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June 2, 2011

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CTT Inc.
Booth No. 2302
CTT Inc. announces a new, compact, solid-state power amplifier (SSPA) operating in the 6 to 18 GHz frequency range for a wide variety of RF and microwave applications. This amplifier design provides good efficiency, high operating temperature range and small size.
This new SSPA will find use in a wide range of applications including wideband jamming for both ship-based and airborne usage. The new SSPA is also suitable for next generation jamming designs.
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Hittite Microwave Corp.
Booth No. 2009
Hittite Microwave Corp. is an innovative designer and manufacturer of high performance integrated circuits, or ICs, modules, subsystems and instrumentation for technically demanding digital, RF, microwave and millimeter-wave applications covering DC to 110 GHz. The company's standard and custom products apply analog, digital and mixed-signal semiconductor technologies, which are used in a wide variety of wireless/wired communication and sensor applications for automotive, broadband, cellular infrastructure, fiber optics, microwave & millimeter-wave communications, military, test & measurement, and space markets.

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Microwave Journal
Booth No. 3414
The Trusted Resource for the RF/Microwave Industry.
Microwave Journal provides leading-edge technical content for RF, microwave and wireless engineers worldwide. MWJ the magazine reaches 50,000 qualified subscribers globally with practical design application articles for working engineers, the latest product features, news and analysis. delivers the latest news, events, webinars, white papers, blogs, video and newsletters to wireless professionals everywhere. For more than 50 years, Microwave Journal has been THE resource for the engineers who are developing the infrastructure for the next generation of wireless technologies.
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QuinStar Technology Inc.
Booth No. 310
QuinStar has developed millimeter-wave high power solid-state power amplifiers covering 25 to 100 GHz with unprecedented power output. Standard and customized models are offered for applications from instrumentation to space systems. Output power for standardized amplifiers ranges from 25 W at 35 GHz to 2 W at 94 GHz. Application-specific amplifiers with higher power, unique performance and environmental or mechanical requirements could be offered at economical prices and short lead-time.
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Skyworks Solutions Inc.
Booth No. 1428
The SKY67014-396LF, the first of three new LNAs for battery powered receiver applications in the 450, 900 and 2400 MHz ISM bands, features noise figure <1.0 dB, 12 dB Gain and 15 dBm OP1dB, and draws 5 mA of current at 3.3 V. This GaAs PHEMT LNA is in a 2 mm square, 8-pin RoHS compliant SMT package. Integrated active bias circuitry reduces external matching requirements and enables a wide supply voltage range of 1.5 to 5 V. An OIP3 of 27 dBm at 2.5 GHz is achievable with 20 mA.
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Sumitomo Electric Device Innovations USA
Booth No. 620
Sumitomo Electric will be featuring its full line of GaN HEMTs for this year's MTT-S IMS show in MD. Applications include base station, radar, and many other general purpose uses. One of its featured products, EGN21C160I2D, supports 2.1G LTE. This is a 160 W Psat device with internal matching circuits and is ideal for 40 W Doherty applications. The high impedance of this GaN HEMT device makes a wide bandwidth of 1.8 to 2.2 GHz possible.
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Valpey Fisher Corp.
Booth No. 1633
Valpey Fisher's VFVA500 series consists of six models that span the frequency range of 600 MHz to 4 GHz and are offered in a 3.2 x 4.9 mm MCM package. These devices provide a minimum of 25 dB attenuation across a 0 to 5 V control range. Come by Valpey Fisher's booth #1633 for more information.
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WIN Semiconductors Corp.
Booth No. 810
WIN Semiconductors Corp., established in 1999, has become the world's largest 6" GaAs pure-play wafer foundry. WIN production technologies address applications from 1 to 100 GHz using PHEMT, HBT and BiFET devices. With WIN's experienced technical team, robust, high capacity manufacturing capability, and pure play business model, WIN is the right choice for your product requirements.

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