The final programme for the next conference of the ARMMS RF & Microwave Society, which will be held on Monday 4 and Tuesday 5, April, at Milton Hill House, Oxfordshire, UK, has been announced. The conference will have a strong focus on both system level developments and component level advances, and speakers will provide an in-depth insight into system related issues within radio and microwave technology.

As examples of the diversity of the topics covered, Stepan Lucyszyn of Imperial College, London, will consider Commercial Applications for RF MEMS; Computer Simulation of Radio Systems by Agent Based Modelling will be the topic addressed by Simon W. Day of Phasor Design; and Sunday Cookey Ekpo of the University of Manchester will outline Receive G/T Ratio Improvement for Space Communications Missions.

Other confirmed papers include: • High-Efficiency Multistage Doherty Architectures Based on Inverse Class F Power Amplifiers for Base Station Applications
• Interesting Applications of Harmonic Mixers
• A Novel Low Cost Approach to 4-port Network Analysis up to 40 GHz for Signal Integrity Measurements on Gigabit Backplanes
• GaN Robust Receiver MMIC in X-Band – Process Optimisation and Circuit Results
• Frequency-Scalable Nonlinear-Transmission-Line-Based Vector Network Analyzers
• Comparison of Software Tools for the Design of Microwave Components
• Custom MMIC Packaging Solutions for High Frequency Thermally Efficient Surface Mount Applications
• The Evolution of Unlicensed Low Power RF Standards
• Probing the Microwave World
• The Anatomy and Applications of Real-time Spectrum Analysers
• An Overview of Modern RADAR Receiver Protection Technology and the Development of EM Models for the Design of pre-TR Cell Waveguide Modules

As always the conference will be complemented by a small commercial table-top exhibition, which is sponsored by REDTAIL Telematics. To view the conference programme in detail or to register to attend the event, visit: