System Simulation Software
ACS has recently released a new version of the LINC2 Visual System Architect (VSA) system simulation software. Version 1.10 adds a new mixer model to the VSA's components menu for enhanced modeling of mixer spur generation. Also included in this version of the VSA is a new Accumulate Spectrum mode in the Spectrum Analysis display that captures and holds the output spectrum from multiple simulation runs. This new feature works like the Max Hold function on an actual spectrum analyzer. The Visual System Architect offers the flexibility and ease of use of schematic-based RF system simulation combined with a comprehensive array of analysis methods and graphic displays for designing at the system level.
Applied Computational Sciences (ACS) LLC,
Escondido, CA
(760) 612-6988

Software for Compliant Testing
AR's SW1007 software is a standalone program that combines conducted immunity test software and radiated susceptibility test software into one user-friendly package suitable for corporate to professional test lab users. The software automatically performs both calibration and immunity testing in full compliance with IEC 61000-4-3, 4-6; MIL STD 461/462 RS103, CS114 and RTCA/DO160 Section 20 specifications. The new version has an updated user interface including a tab system and organizes all the features for quick, easy access and makes selecting test standards much easier. The SW1007 also has the ability to control more equipment and the report generating feature has been enhanced to offer more control and customization.
AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation,
Souderton, PA
(215) 723-8181

MU-EPSLN™ Software
MU-EPSLN™ software has been upgraded so that it can be used over a wider range of frequencies extending from sub kHz to over 100 GHz. Instrument drivers are available for all of the major vector network analyzers. The program has many data reduction algorithms that can be used to enhance the quality of measurements in different parts of the frequency spectrum. It offers a variety of graphical and digital output. Damaskos provides coax, waveguide, free-space and parallel plate fixturing for measuring liquids, solids, soils, absorber and shielding materials that can be used with this program.
Damaskos Inc.,
Concordville, PA
(610) 358-0200

Capacitor Modeling Software
DLI's web-based CapCad™ capacitor modeling software was developed to provide customers with an easy to use and readily accessible comparison tool for choosing the best single-layer, multi-layer or broadband blocking capacitor to suit customer needs. CapCad includes SPICE models with values that reflect typical performance at the chosen frequencies and temperatures that are of importance to an application. The user also has the ability to plot two-port S-parameters, impedance, Q factor or equivalent capacitance over any frequency span from 1 MHz to 40 GHz while maintaining the ability to adjust the temperature and note how it may affect the performance. CapCad also includes a Smith Chart utility and the ability to copy the S-parameter data in touchtone format (s2p).
Dielectric Labs,
Cazenovia, NY
(315) 655-8710

USB Designer's Kit
The HMC-DK008 Serial/Parallel USB Interface Designer's kit has been expanded to provide a user friendly interface for programming Hittite's family of interface driver/controllers, digital attenuators and variable gain amplifiers. This kit allows the designer to set desired attenuation and gain states, toggle between serial and parallel control modes, and construct custom serially clocked input signals. The HMC-DK008 Designer's Kit includes a Serial/Parallel USB Interface Board, custom USB and ribbon cable assemblies, and software CD-ROM.
Hittite Microwave Corp.,
Chelmsford, MA
(978) 250-3343

Web-based RF/Microwave Filter Selection
Filter Select+Plus, Web Edition™ is designed to guide users through the selection process of Lorch Microwave's standard bandpass, high pass and low pass filters. Upon entering filter specifications, the application displays a specification sheet that includes electrical performance data and a mechanical outline. Additional links will lead to the interactive electrical plot, a download of the filter documentation in PDF format and addition of the filter to the RFQ queue for quotation. A quotation request form may be followed to generate an RFQ electronically. Available filter topologies are ceramic filters, tubular filters, discrete filters, cavity filters and waveguide filters. Visit today to select the filter best suited for your application.
Lorch Microwave,
Salisbury, MD
(410) 860-5100

EM Simulation Software
Remcom's XFdtd® (XF7) is the market's most modern 3D electromagnetic simulation software for FDTD-based modeling and simulation. XF7 simplifies workflow with a streamlined user inferface, cross-platform functionality and several unique time-saving features. XF7 includes XStream, Remcom's GPU acceleration technology, for free. Using the power and flexibility of NVIDIA's CUDA architecture, XStream improves EM simulation performance with ultra-fast FDTD numerical computations — from 30 to 300 times faster than a modern 64-bit CPU. Other notable features include XACT Accurate Cell Technology for resolving the most intricate designs with fewer computational resources and the XTend Script Library, a suite of pre-loaded and customizable scripts for creating custom features.
Remcom Inc.,
State College, PA
(814) 861-1299

Impedance Calculator
Rogers Corp. is offering its MWI-2010 Microwave Impedance Calculator software free to RF/microwave designers. The utility program calculates transmission-line parameters for a variety of high-frequency circuits, including microstrip and stripline, based on conductor dimensions and substrate characteristics. The easy-to-use software runs on Windows-based computers. Users enter parameters specific to their circuit application, including target frequency and RF power level, and generate transmission-line parameters, such as conductor width and spacing for a desired impedance. Results can be saved and reused in other programs. A free 22-page user manual is available on the Rogers' site in PDF form.
Rogers Corp.,
Chandler, AZ
(480) 961-1382