Nanotechnologies for Future Mobile Devices is not a book we would typically review because it covers many subjects not related to wireless technologies. It does, however, take a very interesting look at the future of connected devices, which should be of interest to many in our field. The chapters related to connected devices and the future of radio and communications are certainly of interest, as are some of the other discussions regarding energy, power, computing and sensing, thereby making Nanotechnologies for Future Mobile Devices an appropriate choice for the Bookend for our December issue on Industrial, Scientific and Medical (ISM) applications.

This book explores the potential for nanotechnologies to transform future mobile and Internet communications. Based on research collaboration between Nokia, Helsinki University of Technology and the University of Cambridge, leading researchers review the current state-of-the-art and future prospects for: Novel multifunctional materials, dirt repellent, self-healing surface materials and lightweight structural materials capable of adapting their shape; portable energy storage using supercapacitor-battery hybrids based on new materials, including carbon nanohorns and porous electrodes, fuel cell technologies, energy harvesting and more efficient solar cells; electronics and computing advances reaching beyond IC scaling limits, new computing approaches and architectures, embedded intelligence and future memory technologies; nanoscale transducers for mechanical, optical and chemical sensing, sensor signal processing, and nanoscale actuation; nanoelectronics to create ultrafast and adaptive electronics for future radio technologies; flat panel displays with greater robustness, improved resolution, brightness and contrast, and mechanical flexibility; and manufacturing and innovation processes, plus commercialization of nanotechnologies.

Certainly the most interesting chapter is about future radio and communications that includes discussions about wireless applications using carbon nanotubes, nanoelectromechanical systems, graphene transistors and other emerging technologies. This is a good book about future technologies and trends for the wireless industry and kicks off 2011 with some fresh ideas.

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