According to In-Stat, the Federal Communication Commission has announced its decision to expand the rules of Ultrawideband (UWB). In-Stat sees the FCC’s approval of the waiver that was previously requested by the MBOA Special Interest Group as a positive move. The waiver that was granted allows the power measurement as an average measurement. Freescale sees this decision as removing its need to reduce power for gated systems that burst intermittently (such as Freescale’s direct sequence-UWB systems). This waiver allows the MBOA flavor of UWB to operate in the US, and Freescale states that it will also increase the range for its DS-UWB. Since the Wireless USB promoters group is moving strongly forward, and the MBOA UWB PHY was previously selected for Wireless USB, this waiver only strengthens the Wireless USB momentum. With the pervasiveness of wired USB, Wireless USB provides a cordless migration path for the future.