Cassidian's TETRA radio network has provided a cross-border communication solution for German and Swedish authorities in what is claimed to be the world’s first operational trial of its kind. The trial was conducted during a cooperation exercise between German and Swedish authorities on the southern Baltic Sea, whereby the German BOS radio network and the Swedish RAKEL network were connected.

This meant that the German users were able to continue radio communications with their colleagues, using BOS radios, while they were in the Swedish RAKEL network area. In addition, participants experienced the interoperability between the two radio networks: German and Swedish operators were able to use radios and dispatchers to talk to each other easily during the exercise.

Cassidian was responsible for overall technical program management in cooperation with both countries' representatives and their project managers. As a result, both networks were connected according to scenarios and operational requirements. The responsibility for this operational trial lay with the authorities of both countries.

“Our German and Swedish customers are real pioneers in cross-border communication, and we are proud of the opportunity to fulfill their pioneering needs,” said Dirk Borchardt, Head of Security and Communication Solutions at Cassidian. “Successful cooperation hinges on communications, and when working in border areas, cross-network connectivity according to the standards is called for. We strive to help our customers interconnect their networks quickly and efficiently.”

The trial was planned to demonstrate the usability, functionality and security of TETRA radio systems in cross-border communication in operational scenarios. Technically, the trial demonstrated cross-network connectivity adhering to TETRA standards and maintaining the networks' functionality.