ip.access has signed a femtocell technology development agreement with Qualcomm Inc. that will enable ip.access to develop W-CDMA residential and enterprise femtocell products using Qualcomm’s Femtocell Station Modem™ (FSM™) chipset platform. The company is also a licensee of Qualcomm’s femtocell patent licensing program.

Femtocells are low power access points that create a mobile phone signal in homes, offices, shops and other locations that are hard to reach using a regular outdoor mobile phone network. The agreement between ip.access and Qualcomm comes at a time when network operators in North America, Europe and Asia have been accelerating their femtocell deployments.

“Our FSM chipset provides a highly integrated solution including radio frequency capabilities, baseband, network listen, GPS and a 1 GHz Snapdragon™-based processor,” said Ed Knapp, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Qualcomm Flarion Technologies. “The FSM reduces the cost of a femtocell access point while providing best in class interference management techniques and other advancements. ip.access has established a leading position in this exciting new technology area, and we are very pleased to be collaborating with them.”

“Femtocells and picocells are becoming an important part of today’s 3G networks, and will be increasingly used as part of future network evolutions,” said ip.access CEO Stephen Mallinson. “We are now seeing a mature femtocell ecosystem with diversity of supply for all of the key technology components. Qualcomm’s expertise, industry knowledge and connections make them a valuable potential supplier for ip.access.”