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New Commercial 5G Deployments and Subscriptions March Ahead

5G networks online continue to grow despite the pandemic and economic downturn, even as new 5G subscriber growth tempered in some areas, according to 5G Americas. In Q2 2020, an additional 30 5G networks went live, bringing the total up to 114 5G commercial networks globally, a number which is expected to nearly double to 204 by the end of 2020, according to TeleGeography.

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5G’s Year One: Fast Start and Healthy Growth

Customers are making 5G the fastest growing generation of cellular wireless technology in terms of new subscriptions, according to 5G Americas. According to data based from Omdia, there are now over 17.7 million 5G connections globally as of Q4 2019, which represents 329 percent growth over Q3 2019—and is five million subscribers ahead of previous projections. 

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