Featured White Papers

5G BTS Advancing Technology and Hardware Dimensions Driving Test Lab Reconfigurations

As a result of BTS antennas evolving to integrate 5G technology, antenna measurement techniques and test chamber setups are changing to meet new requirements. This white paper considers the advancing technology and expanding dimensions of 5G BTS and presents a solution in a novel reconfiguration of an anechoic test chamber.

4 kW X-Band Amplifier and Receiver Protector

GaN Solid State transistors are utilized in many radar platforms and provide compact and efficient sources of microwave power. CPI has developed a 4 kW X-band SSPA, CPI model VSX3717, for radar applications. This paper will present details of the SSPA amplifier and receiver protector used for airborne radar applications.

Avionics – Digital Design and Bus Interface Testing

In this new white paper, Rohde & Schwarz experts explore signal, data and power integrity testing and verification of both legacy and next generation avionics bus interface architectures and provide the deeper understanding you need to make the best designs possible.

C-Band Spectrum: How It's Transforming 5G

Operators are currently undertaking a massive investment in upgrading the infrastructure of both wireline and wireless networks. The need to upgrade and change is fueled by the billions of connected devices belonging to the IoT ecosystem and the new demands they will place on 5G fronthaul networks as operators begin rolling out 5G.


Thermally Optimizing a High-Power PCB

Targeting higher performance and efficiency, the power stages of battery-powered applications must manage high currents while meeting strict power dissipation and size requirements. This white paper illustrates a thermally aware workflow used by STMicroelectronics to optimize an evaluation board deployed in battery-powered electronics that achieved maximum system performance in a short timeframe. 
Rohde and Schwarz

Improving R&S®FSWP Measurement Speed

The Rohde & Schwarz®FSWP is a modern, digital signal processing based, phase-noise test set that performs many tasks in parallel in an effort to improve measurements speed. However, several measurement settings drastically affect measurement speed. This paper will discuss these settings and provide suggestions on improving overall measurement speed.

Is your Signal Generator Agile Enough for your RADAR System testing?

When testing radars, it is often necessary to use a signal generator to test up/downconverter chains.  Frequency switching speed is important when evaluating an agile system, or simply to minimize test time. This whitepaper will describe the challenges and a solution that provides low phase noise and fast switching speed.
Teledyne e2v

Feasibility Study of a Fully-Digital Multi-Band SAR System Operating at L, C, X and Ku Bands

The purpose of this paper is to introduce the feasibility study of a multi-band SAR based on an emerging Teledyne e2v’s proprietary Digital to Analogue Converter (DAC) and Analogue to Digital Converter (ADC) capable of direct signal generation and direct synthesis up to Ka-band.

Assessing 5G Radar Altimeter Interference for Realistic Instrument Landing System Approaches

The safe rollout of new 5G services using C-band spectrum near airports requires realistic modeling of radio propagation to mitigate potential interference with legacy radar altimeters. In this whitepaper, Wireless InSite provides a realistic assessment of radar altimeter interference due to emissions from 5G base stations along a landing approach.
Copper Mountain

VNA Measurement for High-Speed Digital Signal Integrity

Systems utilizing high-speed digital signals are ubiquitous and necessary parts of everyday life. For the designer or informed consumer, it is important to understand how to analyze transport media to obtain optimal performance. This article examines digital signal analysis methodology using a VNA.