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Encryption Solutions with Noise Sources

Wireless networks are fraught with malicious parties waiting to intercept sensitive transmissions. In this Noisecom solutions guide, learn how truly random noise waveforms strengthen viability against interception, as well as different noise integration techniques within today’s advanced encryption systems. With the safety of data at constant risk, discover how noise can fortify encryption.

How a Flexible Upstream Architecture in Amplifiers and Nodes Can Meet Higher Split Requirements

The broadband hybrid fiber coax network has experienced unprecedented demand since 2021. MSOs are looking at DOCSIS® 3.1 and 4.0 to upgrade networks thus removing the networks’ weakest link - upstream capacity. This paper focuses on upstream architecture inside the amplifiers and nodes for higher frequency splits and flexible network architecture.

Estimating the Realistic Ground Effect in Automotive Measurements

This whitepaper discusses the impact of ground surfaces on vehicle-mounted antennas. It will introduce techniques applied in automotive antenna testing for this purpose and explain the advantages of full automotive antenna measurements performed in a free space setup and paired with specific post-processing techniques for the most effective results.

Quantum Solutions Guide

The Holzworth quantum solutions guide provides insight as to why and how pure analog signal sources are used in superconducting quantum circuits. More specifically, the guide addresses the importance of how signal-to-signal phase stability, also referred to as phase coherency, is critically important to advanced quantum computing systems development and deployment.

Power Consumption Measurements for IoT Applications

This application note describes Battery Life Measurements with the R&S®RT-ZVC02/04 Multi-Channel Probe. The measurements are described with the use of an oscilloscope. The R&S®RT-ZVC Multi-Channel Probe can be used with R&S®RTE1000, R&S®RTO2000 or R&S®RTP.

Using Baluns and RF Components for Impedance Matching

Impedance mismatch in a circuit results in energy be¬ing reflected back to the source, reducing the amount of power available to the load and possibly causing damage to the power source. Matching the output impedance of the power source to the input impedance of an electrical load maximizes power transfer from source to load.
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GaN Technology For Dummies®: 2nd Qorvo® Special Edition

Qorvo’s 2nd special edition GaN Technology For Dummies® e-book helps you learn more about the basics of GaN in RF technology, how to use GaN in your RF product designs, how GaN technology works, and how its solutions help businesses, consumers, and governments wirelessly connect to the world. Download your copy.

The Importance of HTOL and Burn-in Testing Methods

Today’s wireless industry is a consumer-driven market. Consumers have high expectations for their smart devices and mobile networks. Not only, has the typical ownership of mobile devices grown from a turnover time of 6 to 12 months to over 2 years, but there is also the expectation that you should be able to get a signal on your phone at any time.

Improve Antenna Alignment with Handheld Spectrum Analyzers

Sometimes the most obvious aspect of radio link deployment is overlooked. It’s also the one that has the greatest potential for improvement. Antenna alignment is the part of link deployment that cannot be ignored or performance will suffer. Despite its importance, many people in the industry lack knowledge about the specifics of aligning radios properly.

5G Voice Over New Radio (VoNR)

This white paper will provide in-depth guidance in navigating 5G VoNR from the network deployment and the connectivity options aimed at not only supporting VoNR, but also ensuring the data services that VoNR should enable. A brief summary is also provided on the signaling parameters for both the network and UE side.