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HYPERLABS has been building better test and measurement equipment since 1992. The company was founded in Beaverton, Oregon by a former Chief Engineer at Tektronix.

Today, our line of TDRs and Signal Path Analyzers continue to provide cutting-edge performance, unmatched ease-of-use, and unparalleled value.

We’ve come a long way in our first 30 years, but we’re not stopping there. 

Our mantra is Innovation at Hyperspeed™, and that mission never ends. Every day, we’re imagining new ways to make test and measurement better, easier, and more intuitive.


Contact Information:

Phone: 1-720-407-6538


315 W South Boulder Rd. Ste. 206
Louisville CO 80027
United States

Bias Tees and DC Blocks to 110+ GHz

HYPERLABS INC. has expanded its lineup of 110 GHz offerings.  Both HL9449 and HL9439 are also available with 85 GHz bandwidth. All 85 and 110 GHz parts are built with precision 1.0 mm connectors.

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