HYPERLABS INC. is expanding its 100 GHz component offerings by introducing the HL9419 pulse inverter. The 3 dB points of this device occur at 150 kHz and 100 GHz, meaning the operating range of the HL9419 spans close to six decades of bandwidth. The HL9419’s flat frequency response translates into an excellent inversion of time-domain signals. This performance makes the device well-suited for inverting a wide range of ultra-wideband, noise-like pulses and radar pulse waveforms, as well as high speed serial data signals up to 112 Gbaud.

Using HYPERLABS’ proprietary materials and manufacturing techniques, the HL9419 achieves this bandwidth performance in a standard housing measuring 2.4 in. x 0.8 in. x 0.4 in. featuring 1.0 mm connectors. HYPERLABS also offers a 67 GHz version of the pulse inverter, P/N HL9417, which utilizes 1.85 mm connectors. Both products come standard with a jack/plug configuration. Alternate connector configurations and connector series are available upon request.

At its core, the HL9419 pulse inverter is a cross-connection between the coaxial center conductor and the coaxial outer conductor ground. This cross-connection results in a DC short circuit to ground on the RF input and output. Careful selection and placement of proprietary microwave absorber and ferrite material extends the operation of this inverter to low frequencies.

Founded in 1992 and privately owned, HYPERLABS sells an array of broadband components. These include baluns, bias tees, DC blocks, power splitters/dividers, attenuators, transition time converters and pick-off tees, operating up to and above 100 GHz. The HYPERLABS instrumentation line includes pulse generators, TDRs/TDTs, controlled impedance analyzers, signal path analyzers, cable skew testers and samplers/harmonic down-converters.

Beaverton, Ore.