Kapteos SAS

Company Profile

After more than 15 years of Research and Development, Kapteos offers a unique electro-optic sensor to measure electric fields based on the Pockels effect. These probes are driven via an optoelectronic converter. Kapteos addresses worldwide industrial applications like high voltage, antennas for telecom, marine, aircraft, military and more, plasma, MRI, automotive, EMC, SAR… We are also strongly involved since the beginning of Kapteos in helping international universities and research laboratories. Kapteos also offers a wide range of services that accompany the sale of systems: trainings, rentals of systems, demonstrations, tests in-situ, after sales services and studies based on the customer's requirements

Contact Information:

Contact: Georges BUSTOS
Title: Sales and Marketing Manager
Phone: +33 7 68 70 11 55


Kapteos SAS
354 voie Magellan
Bâtiment Cleanspace
Sainte-Hélène du Lac 73800