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Learn about 5G challenges and solutions with these blog contributions from various industry experts.
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Propelling 5G forward: A closer look at 3GPP Release 16

Lorenzo Casaccia, Vice President, Technical Standards, Qualcomm Europe, Inc.

Just last week, 3GPP completed 5G NR Release 16 — the second 5G standard that will greatly expand the reach of 5G to new services, spectrum, and deployments. This is a major milestone for the entire mobile and broader vertical ecosystem, as this new set of 5G specifications unlocks many new 5G opportunities beyond the traditional mobile broadband services.

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Characterizing Integrated RF Hardware for 5G Applications

In order to deal with both data access through an SoC and with the potential of an evolving standard, an ideal characterization environment would need flexible signal generation and analysis capabilities capable of producing waveforms compliant not only with the current 5G standard but could also generate new waveforms as the standard evolves. This signal generation and analysis capability also needs to be able to extract RF data from new SoC hardware without requiring the RF engineer to be an expert in programming SoCs. Read how this can be accomplished.

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Why 5G Wireless Technology Will Place a Greater Demand on Cables

Jean-Jacques Sage, Products and Solutions Manager for Telecom Networks at Nexans

The 5G revolution promises astonishing gigabit-per-second data rates and near-instantaneous connectivity. It is projected to have a mass impact across many industries and change the lives of billions of both consumers and suppliers worldwide. Like every generation of new wireless technology, 5G will dramatically increase the speed and volume of data transfer, but this will have more profound consequences than ever before.

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5G is coming: What to expect and why

Dr Luyun Jiang, Technology Analyst, IDTechEx

th-Generation Wireless Systems (5G), says the optimist, will revolutionize our life as the 3G/4G systems did. While the majority are still waiting to link to the 4G network, the top telecoms have started the war for the next generation of mobile communication. 5G is expected to finally bring the autonomous car, VR and internet of things to reality and make science fiction come true.

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How to Reap 5G Rewards Without Industry Standards

Will Sitch, Director of Industry and Solutions Marketing, Keysight Technologies

With all the hype around 5G solutions recently, you would think that we were on the cusp of rolling out next generation mobile networks en masse. The truth is that the standards process is far from over, and wholesale deployment is even further away.

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How 5G Wireless Communication Will Transform Robotics

5G promises to transform the art of the possible when it comes to robotics, particularly with the opportunity for robots to take advantage of the enormous compute power and storage available in the cloud, without being tethered by physical wires. This blog examines the vision of being able to accurately control future robots in near-real-time, from virtually anywhere in the world and the possibilities that opens up for so many applications including the medical sector with telesurgery, for example, building the factory of the future and delivering robots in the field – literally – for agricultural work.

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