Addressing High Performance Design

To save time and money, HFSS 3D electromagnetic-based virtual prototyping is replacing the classical build-and-test design. By generating high accuracy, physics-based models, HFSS improves engineering productivity, reduces development time and better assures first-pass design success. The high performance electronics industry counts on HFSS™ to provide precision virtual prototypes for...
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HFSS Software for Next-generation Design

When HFSS™ was introduced in February 1990, it created a new era in microwave design. Prior to this event, microwave design was limited to simple analyses and cut-and-try methods. With HFSS, engineers could conveniently build, analyze and refine three-dimensional (3D) microwave prototypes using their computers. For the first time,...
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The New World of Communications Design Software

Ansoft Designer, an example of advanced modeling and wireless simulation communications design software
COVER FEATURE The New World of Communications Design Software Ansoft Corp. Pittsburgh, PA Fig. 1 Three-dimensional Electromagnetic Field Solver and Wireless Circuit Simulator characterization of a MMIC LNA in a high pin count package.  T he world of wired and wireless communications is undergoing fervent change. Ten years ago,...
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Parametrics and Optimization Using Ansoft HFSS

A powerful new feature of the company's high frequency structure simulator (HFSS) that provides parametric and optimization capabilities for three-dimensional RF and microwave design problems
Parametrics and Optimization Using Ansoft HFSS Ansoft Corp. Pittsburgh, PA The high frequency structure simulator (HFSS) is widely recognized as the tool that brought the power of the finite element method to three-dimensional (3-D) RF and microwave design. Finite element analysis allows complicated 3-D structures such as transitions, filters,...
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