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Rohde & Schwarz Redefines Midrange 5G Test with High Bandwidth, High Performance Benchtop Solutions

R&S SMM100A Vector Signal Generator / FSVA3000 Signal and Spectrum Analyzer.
Rohde & Schwarz has developed the R&S SMM100A vector signal generator and the R&S FSVA3000 signal and spectrum analyzer to meet the  driving demand for test equipment  due to the exponential growth of 5G adoption and the trend toward high frequency, wide bandwidth networks.
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IEEE 802.11ax Technology Introduction

IEEE 802.11ax is intended to improve the user experience and network performance in dense deployments in the unlicensed bands. Explore the technology and get an overview of receiver and transmitter test requirement. Learn about the main goals and features of IEEE 802.11ax, the high efficiency PHY, and test requirements.

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Pulsed Phase Noise Measurements

With advances in digital signal processing techniques modern wireless communications systems and radar systems have become increasingly digital and more constraints have been placed on packing more information into less and less bandwidth. On the wireless side, modulation formats have become more complicated with less margin for symbol error.

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R&S®GSASLP Satellite Link Planner / R&S®GSACSM Communications System Monitoring

R&S®GSASLP is a satcom analysis and optimization software solution, covering all aspects of modern satellite communications. R&S®GSASLP perfectly supports major parts of the satcom value chain such as satellite system design, transmission planning and transponder usage optimization. R&S®SLP accurately models weather conditions, atmosphere effects and covers all RF transmission impairments of transparent payloads among all satcom bands of interest (C, X, Ku, Ka band etc.).

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