Articles by ITS Electronics Inc.

ITS Electronics Supplies General Dynamics with Solid-state Power Block Up Converters for US Army

ITS Electronics Inc. has been selected by General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies to supply Ka-band Solid-state Power Amplifiers (SSPA) with integrated Block Up Converters (BUC) for the company's SATCOM-on-the-Move™ (SOTM™) terminals. As a member of the ITS Cool BUCTM family, these products are designed to meet ARSTRAT requirements and deliver...
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Multiband Linear Power Amplifiers

This month's cover features multiband linear power amplifiers that set new price and performance standards for wideband power and reliability
Multiband Linear Power Amplifiers ITS Electronics Inc. Concord, Ontario, Canada A family of wideband linear power amplifiers have been developed to service cellular/PCS applications as well as electronic warfare (EW)/electronic countermeasures (ECM), local multipoint distribution service and active load pull applications. The amplifier models cover four basic frequency ranges...
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