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Anaren Subsidiary: Anaren Ceramics

AnarenCeramicsAPECS means tighter tolerances & lower costs. Using the DuPont Fodel® process as a base technology, Anaren Ceramics’ precision thick film technology (better known as APECS) pushes thick film technology to a best-in-class position from which we can meet or exceed thin film tolerances -- at a far more affordable price point.

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Anaren Integrated Radio (AIR) Modules

AnarenIntegratedRadioIMAGESAnaren Integrated Radio (AIR) modules are the industry's easiest, most elegant and most cost-effective way to implement low-power RF capability... Whether your goal is designing a "wireless" version of a currently "wired" product -- or developing a wireless product from the ground up. Each AIR module (think of it as a tiny, wireless data transmitter and receiver) incorporates a proven Texas Instruments low-power RF transceiver chip and is compatible with all TI-approved software stacks.

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Anaren Receives Contracts in Excess of $11.5 Million

Anaren, Inc. announced today that it has received three contracts totaling in excess of $11.5 million in follow-on orders for passive ranging subsystems to be deployed in airborne applications. These orders from a Defense OEM customer are related to a continuing long-term supply agreement for both domestic and international applications of Anaren's proprietary electronic warfare technology.

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A Novel Surface-mount Approach to Crossover Signals

An inexpensive surface-mount crossover alternative that provides crossover functionality with any desired combination of RF and DC crossing
A Novel Surface-mount Approach to Crossover Signals Anaren Microwave Inc. East Syracuse, NY Because some locations require RF signals to cross RF, RF to cross DC, or DC and DC to cross each other, a significant number of multilayer PCBs are produced. Different approaches exist so that the additional...
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