Higher Frequencies, High Density Installations and Smaller Devices

Check out Anoison's broad range of high frequency cable and connector product line

If one were to look at the web sites of several businesses in our industry it is pretty clear the trends are toward higher frequencies in the 67 to 110 GHz range, high density installations and smaller devices. All of this places higher demands on CNC machining, higher demands on plating materials and techniques, not to mention more expensive VNA capabilities. To see how one maker approached these needs download this pdf and look at the documentation on 1mm Series, 1.85mm Connectors, End Launch Connectors, SMPM Connectors Series and don’t forget to read about both the PT Series Precision Test Cables and VN Series VNA Test Cables. And, this is only the start as technologies will continue to drive suppliers to fill out their product lines.

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