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Tactical Targeting Network Technology

What It is and What You Need to Know

If data protection is critical to home users in terms of warding off things like identity theft and fraud, think of how critical it is when you're talking about data being transmitted from an aircraft traveling in excess of one thousand miles per hour to command crews on the ground. When something as essential as national security is on the line, you cannot leave anything to chance in terms of reliability and security - which are exactly the types of concerns that Tactical Targeting Network Technology were designed to address.

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How RF Trends are Impacting Connectors

When it comes to electronics, technology is moving forward at a rapid pace and component manufacturers are trying to keep up. Devices are becoming smaller and more complex, whether it is a smartphone, medical imaging device, or a remote sensor accessing military satellite systems.  At the same time, the devices still need to be rugged enough to withstand enormous amounts of wear and tear while offering unhindered data transmission and collection capabilities. With these evolving requirements, connector components have to be redesigned for these devices.

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