Articles by Aaronia AG, Strickscheid, Germany

RF/EMC 3D Camera System

RF-CameraAaronia presents the RF / EMC “camera system” SPECTRAN RF VIEW. The system allows real-time visualization of RF Fields and EMC measurements in unlimited resolution with a frequency range of maximum 1 Hz to 20 GHz. The SPECTRAN RF VIEW saves considerable measurement time and allows very detailed information on the spreading patterns of emissions.

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Active Near Field Probe Set

Probe_SetThe Aaronia EMC probe set, which fits to any spectrum analyzer or oscilloscope brand, allows straightforward pinpointing and measurement of interference sources from DC (1 Hz) to 9 GHz in electronic component groups as well as execution and monitoring of generic EMC measurement. The set comes  incl. a 40 dB EMC pre-amplifier with wide frequency range up to 9 GHz, a power converter app for Iphone/Ipad and 10 years warranty.

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Intelligent RF Signal Generator

Aaronia-GeneratorRemote controllable via USB or stand-alone (internal battery) batch program operation. Aaronia’s new BPSG RF-Generator series offers up to +18 dBm, 65 dB dynamic range and internal TCXO (or external reference). It fits to every Aaronia antenna to get an active field-strength generator. Intelligent batch programs (sweep, ramp, modulation, frequency lists etc.) start automatically after every power on.

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