Stackpole’s RAVS anti-sulfur chip resistor arrays

The new RAVS series from Stackpole offers stable reliable performance in a wide variety of environments including those with high amounts of sulfur. Stackpole’s proprietary process and materials with reduced silver yield a chip resistor array with excellent long-term reliability under conditions where standard chip resistors fail. The RAVS series shows typical resistance shifts less than 0.1 percent after 240 hours at 40C, 95 percent R.H., 5 volt bias, and H2S concentration of 3 ppm or greater.

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CSRF series current sense resistors adds 0805 chip size


Stackpole SE371 csrf0805The CSRF series from Stackpole is a foil on ceramic carrier technology that can achieve lower resistance values than thick film technology and offers excellent TCR of as low as 50 ppm. The CSRF0805 is rated at 0.5 W and is available in resistance values from 10 up to 100 milliohms, in 1 and 5 percent tolerances. 

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