Extending 2.4 GHz ZigBee Short Range Radio Performance

The SKY65336 and SKY65337 ZigBee front-end modules (FEMs) can greatly enhance the performance of a ZigBee radio solution when integrated with any ZigBee low power reference design. Both devices can transmit up to 100 times more power than a typical 0 dBm low power ZigBee radio transmitter and can reduce the level of unwanted spurious emissions to be compliant with the main regulatory standards without the use of external components such as filters. Ember’s EM250 with Skyworks’ FEM reference design [1] shows a good example of the complete subsystem.
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How to Specify RF and Microwave Filters

As one of the fundamental signal processing components in RF and microwave circuits, the filter plays a critical role in determining any system’s ultimate performance. Since the electromagnetic spectrum has become more and more densely populated, filter performance has taken on greater significance than ever because interference rejection is of paramount importance.
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