Conferences, Trade Shows, Education, and Marketing

When a product type is well understood and only modest differences exist between vendors, potential customers may only need to know a few details about key specs, costs and delivery. But the complexity of what we do has pushed many of us into the role of educators. Who else but a GaN device manufacturer will explain that a higher part cost will be offset by savings from a reduced bill of materials thanks to cooler operating temperatures and simplified power management?
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Microwave Journal in China

With the launch of its new Chinese-language print magazine, electronic media and participation in this week's IME 2011 in Shanghai, the Journal hopes to serve an industry need in a land of opportunity.
Greetings from Shanghai, one of numerous centers of an emerging microwave industry within China. Not unlike the microwave industries in Europe and the United States with their pockets of microwave activity spread out across a vast geographical space, developing microwave technology in China is occurring in Shanghai, Xi'an, Chengdu,...
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