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2-Slot USB/LXI Modular Chassis: 60-104

The 2-slot modular chassis (model 60-104) offers a small, lightweight form/factor ideal for portable, benchtop and space restrictive applications. The chassis is designed for desk or rack mounting and features remote control via USB or LXI Ethernet. Remote control over a network enables the switching function of a test system to be located as close as possible to the target equipment. The chassis supports one or two Pickering 3U PXI modules.

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High-Density 2 Amp PXI Multiplexers: 40-614 Family

Pickering Interfaces has expanded their range of high-density 2 Amp PXI multiplexers. This range of high-density 2 Amp PXI multiplexers (40 - 614 family), available in 20 different configurations, was designed for signal routing in automatic test equipment (ATE) and data acquisition systems. The range uses high-quality electromechanical signal relays allowing each channel to switch current up to 2 Amps and voltage up to 200 VDC / 140 VAC.

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