A “Post Fiscal Cliff” Defense Budget Environment-An Industry View

Will our new Fiscal austerity environment begin to enforce a change in DOD spending priorities for our high technology Equipped Air, Space, Land, Sea, and Cyber Forces
Welcome to a “Post Fiscal Cliff” budgetary world, where the pressure to reduce Federal spending, increase taxes, and cutting our National debt has our Government almost at a complete standstill. Even with the last minute New Year’s Eve deal worked out in Congress to solve the “Fiscal Cliff” problem, not that much has really changed. And some have even suggested the situation we now face is worse than it was before.
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How Military Services are Contracting for Hardware Sustainment and Program Office Support to address Urgent War fighter Operational Needs

- Equipment Logistics Support<br> - Repair and Maintenance<br> - Installation and Hardware Upgrades<br> - Support Services Contracting<br> <br>What should Microwave Companies do to participate and address these New Market Opportunities as the US Milita...
We have to fix what is broken and worn out It is clear that tightening Department of Defense (DoD) budgets are on track to become reality in the near term. And with the extended deployment of military hardware and weapons systems, our military faces a situation where “our stuff”...
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