Getting it Right on Future Defense Budgets

The Tradeoffs between Real Spending Reductions, National Security Strategy, and Our Nation's Fiscal Problems
What is the likely outcome of the upcoming historic battles over funding for FY 2013 thru FY 2023 Budgets for the Department of Defense?  How will the heated debates affect critical Weapons Systems, Mission Areas, O&M Programs and the Defense Industrial base?  How will the Politicians shape and pursue the discussions impacting Acquisition Reform, Procurement Budgets, and Technology Investments critical for our competitive advantage on the Battlefields of tomorrow? Jim Fallon takes an in-depth look at our Defense Budget problems, priorities and how it affects microwave companies.
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DOD Spending and the Prospects for Defense Budget Sequestration

Are many Defense Program and Policy issues dangerously converging to create the circumstances for a real “DOD Perfect Storm” exaggerated by a politically charged fiscal and budgetary environment?  Will this situation hurt the Military Services, our National Security Strategy, and the Defense Industrial Base or is this “Sequestration Skirmish“just one more chapter in the Washington ”Game of  Budgetary Chicken”?  Most people believe it is just another round in the ongoing political Tug-of-War we have all come to expect out of our elected officials.  But could it be something more serious this time?  Rest assured, however, the political lines have been drawn on sequestration and defense cuts --and everybody has an opinion how it should be handled. And it is going to be a battle.  Are we stuck in partisan gridlock, or can we come together as a nation and “Do the right thing” here?  And, just what is the right thing given the National Security situation we face? Here's a view on what issues are, and what Microwave Companies need to know ---to understand what's at stake in the Defense Sequestration debate and how we all need to be prepared to ride-out the pending storm.

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The "New Fiscal Reality"

How the Continuing Resolution (CR) still affects the Entire Federal Budget and The DoD Spending Plan for FY 2011
Driving Right Up to the Brink With all the recent hoopla focused on the Big Budget Showdown between Democrats and Republicans, we as a nation got drawn into the contentious political debates, highlighted by doomsday financial consequences. We were subjected to heated policy arguments, partisan politics, and faced the...
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Export Control Reform: Let Us Focus On Getting It Right This Time

Can the Administration and Congress finally get together and agree to fix the bureaucratic Nightmares of the Current US Government Export Control Policies, Rules and Regulations
Overhaul of US Export Control The Obama Administration has launched a very comprehensive and well thought out game plan to modernize the complex and often confusing United States Export Control System's set of Rules and Regulations. Their plan for Export Control Reform (ECR) -- to make the system work...
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