Phase Matrix achieves 100 GHz diplexed broadband downconversion

Phase Matrix Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of National Instruments, participated in the demonstration of the world's first 100 GHz real-time oscilloscope. The integrated microwave assembly designed by Phase Matrix for the demonstration is a broadband downconverter, which allows the successful acquisitioning and displaying of live signals at 100 GHz bandwidth.

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Phase Matrix introduces line of microwave frequency synthesizers at IMS 2013

Phase Matrix released its latest member of the QuickSyn® line of microwave frequency synthesizers. The new compact model FSL-0010 covers the frequency range of 0.65 to 10 GHz and employs QuickSyn® Phase-Refining Technology, which means it exhibits instrument-grade spectral purity and fast switching speed, efficiently consumes power, is small in size, and is available at a low cost.  

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Phase Matrix Introduces 4.9 GHz Phase-locked Oscillator

The Phase Matrix model PLS-4900-Q10E is a high performance, low noise, 4.9 GHz phase-locked oscillator (PLO). The design of this PLO’s primary source consists of a low-noise, bipolar-silicon-transistor oscillator. In addition, a buffer amplifier in the output path provides the desired power output and load isolation. Power output is...
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