Articles by Renaissance Electronics Corp./HXI

Drop-In Isolator: 2H8BAC

2H8BACTo protect wide band X and Ku band amplifiers, Renaissance has designed a drop-in isolator covering two widely used communication bands in a .25” x .25” x .125” sub-compact package. Product features include an extremely broad bandwidth, a sub-compact size and wide temperature range. Insertion loss, 1.0 dB (max), Isolation 11 dB (min) and VSWR 2.0:1 (min.)

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Microstrip Isolator: 2W9NBV-S


To protect space communication payload electronics, Renaissance has designed a 26.5 GHz microstrip isolator. The main features include compact size, low loss and high isolation. This device meets all of NASA's outgassing requirements. Some of the benefits include the capability of being used for space or harsh environments, protection of expensive amplifier circuits and optimization for space constrained applications.

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S-C Band Coaxial Isolator: 2A6BA

2A6BARenaissance has developed a new coaxial isolator that operates from 2 to 8 GHz in a single compact package size. Typical insertion loss is 0.5 dB and at band edges, the loss typically is 1.0 dB at room temperature. With return loss and isolation tuned to 14 dB at room temperature, this unit is ideal for EW Jammer type applications.

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X-Band Coaxial Isolator

X band Coaxial IsolatorTo protect expensive high power amplifiers operating at X-Band, Renaissance has developed a new broadband coaxial isolator that operates from 9 to 9.6 GHz and can handle 50 W reflected power. Insertion loss of 0.5 dB is maintained over -40 to +85 C.The reflected power is dissipated to the mounting surface with an extended heat sink that must be maintained below 50 C for CW operations.

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HMI / HMC Series - Isolators and Circulators

HMI AND HMC seriesThe HMI AND HMC series broadband ferrite junction isolators and circulators are available from 18 to 120 GHz. They utilize a low loss H-plane structure in a modified Y-junction format to provide minimum loss with maximum isolation and bandwidth. 2 GHz bandwidths with 20 dB of isolation are standard. Wider bandwidth, high power handling and magnetic shielding are available in select units.

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