Freescale Semiconductor helps increase passenger safety

 Building on their long-standing  relationship, Freescale Semiconductor and Continental announced plans to integrate Freescale’s next 77 GHz radar technologyinto Continental’s next generation short- and mid-range automotive radar modules. This effort represents the next step in the evolution of Continental’s comprehensive advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) radar solutions, helping automakers meet safety mandates and extend ADAS safety benefits to more vehicles. 

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Freescale Adds Five Advanced Tower System Modules

Freescale Semiconductor continues to enable advanced development through rapid evaluation and prototyping with its Tower System development platform. The company recently announced two processor modules, three interchangeable peripheral modules and a number of partner-developed modules for the reconfigurable development platform. The processor modules are specific for industrial networking, automotive,...
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Freescale Delivers 50 V RF LDMOS Power Transistor

Freescale Semiconductor introduced an RF LDMOS power transistor designed for operation from 1.8 to 600 MHz and optimized for use under the potentially-destructive impedance mismatch conditions encountered in applications such as CO2 lasers, plasma generators, and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanners. The new MRFE6VP6300H FET is the world’s first...
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Freescale Expands RF Power Transistor Portfolio

Freescale Semiconductor recently expanded on its commitment to GSM EDGE wireless networks with the introduction of three high-performance RF power transistors based on laterally-diffused metal oxide semiconductor (LDMOS) technology. The devices incorporate enhancements that make them easy to integrate into amplifiers while delivering exceptional levels of performance. “As progress...
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