New report from Engalco on RFPAs for cell phone handsets

In the past RF power amplifiers (RFPAs) for cell phone handsets have relied exclusively on GaAs or InGaP-based RFICs. However in recent years RF CMOS RFPA technology has made significant strides and is now strongly impacting the territory that was previously the exclusive domain of GaAs or InGaP technology. This new report from Engalco provides information concerning the players, industry dynamics and detailed, highly granular, market forecasts through to year 2017.

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Growing Markets for Active Electronically-scanned Arrays

In January 2007 – around two-and-a-half years’ back – Engalco released the first industry and markets report concerning AESAs. That first report clearly showed that these types of radars already had great operational significance whilst at the same time providing substantial and growing markets for the associated transmit-receive modules...
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