Articles by Vaunix Technology Corp.

Programmable Digital Attenuator: LDA602-EH

Vaunix_LDA602EH_PRimageVaunix Technology Corp., a manufacturer of USB controlled and powered test equipment, recently added a programmable digital attenuator to their LDA family of PC-driven Lab Bricks, the LDA-602EH. The LDA-602EH has a large attenuation range of 120 dB with an exceptional 0.1 dB step size, allowing for both precision and accuracy during fading tests or device characterizations. This attenuator also features a fast 15 µs switching speed.

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Signal Generator To Family of Lab Bricks: LMS-183DX

Vaunix_LMS-183DXVaunix Technology Corp. added a signal generator to their family of Lab Bricks, the LMS-183DX. This product covers a frequency range of 6 to 18 GHz in a rugged, portable, palm-sized package. The LMS-183DX has a power control range of 80 dB, +10 to -70 dBm, from the 6 to 13 GHz frequency range and a power control range of 65 dB, +10 to -55 dBm, from the 13 to 18 GHz frequency range. This unit typically operates with a voltage stand wave ratio (VSWR) at 1:4:1 (2.0:1 maximum).

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