Vaunix Technology announced the release of a new Lab Brick digitally-controlled attenuator. The LDA-133 is a bidirectional, 50 Ω step attenuator covering 10 to 13,000 MHz with a step size of 0.5 dB and 63 dB control range. The single channel attenuator offers reliable and repeatable solid-state attenuation from −30°C to +70°C and is sized to fit into a single rack unit for ATE applications, such as 3G, 4G, 5G, microwave radio and SATCOM fading simulators.

The LDA-133 unit’s power and control interface is via a standard USB  type-B female connection. Two counter-bore holes are provided for efficient mounting and placement.

 Vaunix Lab Bricks use a native USB HID interface to avoid the difficulties inherent in older serial or IEEE-488 interfaces over USB. As a result, Lab Brick users get to work faster without having to install kernel level drivers, and Lab Brick devices can be easily used on any system that supports USB HID devices, including low-cost embedded computers. The Windows and Linux library APIs are designed for ease of use with Python, C#, C++, MATLAB, Java, LabVIEW and additionalprogramming languages.