Articles by Indra

Indra Modernizes Radar Stations in Turkey

Indra has concluded the modernization of the first two radar stations of the air traffic surveillance network in Turkey. Bahçe station will serve the control center of Ankara, the country’s capital; the station located in Antalya will serve the control center located in this region, which is an important...
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Indra Implements Coastal Surveillance System in Portugal

Portugal's Ministry of State and Internal Administration has awarded Indra the contract for the development and startup of the command and control surveillance system for the entire Portuguese coast, which exceeds 560 miles. The €25.5 M contract is to be concluded in 22 months. The project will provide Portugal...
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Indra Renovates Turkey's Air Traffic Network

Indra will refurbish and extend the air space surveillance network that controls Turkey’s air traffic. The contract, worth €38.5 M, was awarded by Turkey’s State Airport Authority (DHMI) and is to be concluded within three years. The new network will be equipped with 18 Mode S Secondary Surveillance radars...
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