Indra has reinforced its position in the Asian market with two significant air traffic management contracts that together amount to a total of nearly €41 M. The Civil Aviation Administration of China awarded the company the deployment of a surveillance network to cover 60 percent of the country's air space. In India it will implement nine radar stations and will equip 38 airports with its air traffic management systems.

The Civil Aviation Administration of China, through Beijing's Air Traffic Management Bureau, commissioned Indra to deploy several surveillance stations in Guangzhou, Xian, Shanghai, Chengdu and Beijing. These will cover the country's 50 most important airports and will manage more than 80 percent of air traffic. The stations will be equipped with more than 20 monopulse secondary radars with Mode S, the most advanced existing systems. They will allow identification of aircraft in a selective way, besides obtaining flight-related information.

In India 38 airports across the country will be equipped with Indra's systems to supervise and manage the country's air traffic. Besides this, Indra will implement nine radar surveillance stations with cutting-edge monopulse secondary radars with Mode S in order to reinforce flight control and security. They are located in Bellary, Bhopal, Vizag, Chennai, Jodhpur, Porbandar, Katihar, Jharsuguda and Kolkata.

The systems will provide air traffic controllers with a global vision of air space activity. The system combines data collected by radars with the aircraft flight plans and weather information, and is equipped with land-to-air communication. The system automates many repetitive air traffic control tasks, thus allowing the management of more flights and to increase security levels.