Seamless Wireless Migration

Nokia Siemens Networks Focuses Tailors Technology Fit For Operators
WiMAX, LTE, HSDPA, EVDO Rev A and now UMB (ultra mobile broadband). Today’s wireless operators are faced with a dizzying array of radio access technologies. With all of these technologies vying for prominence, the focus should not be on waging a religious war around air interface technology, but rather...
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Sprint Nextel Invites Nokia To Its WiMAX Dance

Deal Helps To Strengthen Carrier’s Broadband Mobile Ecosystem
Following speculation amongst various industry insiders, Sprint Nextel made it official late last week that Nokia will be the new supplier for its 4G mobile WiMAX network rollout. Set to be part of Sprint Nextel’s mobile WiMAX roll out later this year, Nokia, will provide both network access devices...
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Building a Mobile Ecosystem

Barry West Speaks Out on Sprint’s Mobile WiMAX Vision
Barry West, CTO and newly appointed president of Sprint Nextel’s 4G Business Group, has never shied from the challenge of paving new roads for emerging wireless technologies. As the former CTO of Nextel, West led the drive for push-to-talk communications over Nextel’s iDEN-based wireless network. And despite the air...
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A New Evolution

Even though Sprint only recently announced mobile WiMAX (IEEE 802.16e-2005) is their 4G wireless technology of choice, the service provider has been working with broadband wireless technology in various forms since the late 1990s. During that time, Sprint has become the largest holder of 2.5 GHz MMDS spectrum in...
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