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Longest Multilayer Flexible Printed Circuit Spans 26 m/85 ft Wings of UAV

FPCs deliver critical 60% weight saving over wire harness for power and control

Trackwise has shipped a 26 meter long multilayer, flexible printed circuit (FPC), believed to be world’s longest ever produced, for distributing power and control signals across the wings of a solar-powered, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). The circuit is one of over fifty supplied by Trackwise into this vehicle.

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The 5G revolution is pushing innovations for RF front-end SiP

Consolidated from Yole Développement and System Plus Consulting

Yole Développement (Yole) has just released a report showing an industry shift in packaging technology as 5G is implemented. They state that 5G will totally redefine how the RF front-end interacts in-between the network and the modem. The new RF bands for sub 6 GHz pose big challenges for the industry.

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Spectrum's Next-Generation of 16-Bit AWGs Smaller, Faster, Better

Spectrum Instrumentation has released six new Arbitrary Waveform Generators (AWG) that are optimized for signal quality, size and cost. The new "65" series AWGs offer the latest 16-bit digital-analog converters (DAC), a fast PCIe x4 interface with up to 700 MByte/s streaming speed and a card length of only 168 mm to fit into nearly every PC.

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