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NMDG Showcases Vector Network Analysers

With NMDG extension kits for vector network analysers the user can characterise the nonlinear behaviour of HF components in time and frequency domain under realistic conditions, even in a non-50 Ohm environment. The NMDG NM300 extension kit supports the ZVA and ZVT Network Analysers from Rohde & Schwarz. This...
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NMDG Features Large Signal Network Analyser

NMDG featured a large signal network analyser (LSNA), an instrument and method for HF component characterisation. Its unique capability is the accurate measurement of the voltage and current waveforms at the ports of any component under realistic high-frequency stimuli, going from simple to complex signals, even in non-50 Ohm...
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Anritsu Introduces Software for Power Meters

Anritsu Co. introduces PowerMax software that provides an enhanced visualization of instrument display and simplified remote control of Anritsu’s ML2490A series power meters via Ethernet. The new remote user interface can configure the single sensor input ML2495A and dual sensor input ML2496A so that results and traces can be...
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Gore Introduces Online Builder for Interconnects

W.L. Gore & Associates (Gore) introduces an on-line builder for configuring GORE™ Ultra High Density (UHD) Interconnects to use in Bench Top Test Systems, Instrument Probe Cable, Parallel Data Link, Production Floor Equipment and Automated Test Equipment. GORE Ultra High Density (UHD) Interconnects provide an integrated system of board...
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Test equipment from Rohde & Schwarz supports measurements over digital I/Q interfaces

The R&S EX-IQ-Box digital signal interface module enables selected Rohde & Schwarz instruments to analyze DUTs over digital I/Q interfaces. When equipped with this module, vector signal generators deliver realistic digital baseband signals for testing transceivers or other components. The module also enables signal analyzers to perform reliable analyses of digital baseband components.
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