RF & Microwave Industry News

Commercial Market

THE COMMERCIAL MARKET Multipurpose Wireless PC-EPhone is Introduced A wireless PDA with full Internet, PC and organizer functions has been introduced and will be distributed exclusively in the US and Canada by Newlands Oil & Gas Inc. (doing business as PC-EPhone.com Inc.). The instrument features PC functions with Internet...
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Multilayer LTCC Modules

The AN/SPS-48, an example of multifunction LTCC module use in a military radar system
COVER FEATURE Multilayer LTCC Modules Kyocera America Inc. San Diego, CA K yocera America's VisPro Division has been manufacturing a majority of the solid-state modules and transmitters that are the cornerstone of ITT Gilfillan's modern commercial and military radar systems. The AN/SPS-48, for example, is an advanced, highly capable...
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International Report

INTERNATIONAL REPORT Martin Streetly, International Correspondent Rhode & Schwarz Launches Bluetooth Testers German contractor Rhode & Schwarz has launched what it claims to be the first multi-standard tester that is capable of parallel mobile-radio and Bluetooth testing during equipment development, production and service. Designated as the CMU200 equipment, Rhode...
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New Literature

NEW LITERATURE * Product Line Catalog This 60-page catalog covers the company's new line of resistors, terminations and attenuators designed for microwave and RF applications. The product line can be used in applications from DC to 40 GHz with power handling capabilities from 0.1 to 1000 W. All components...
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New Products

NEW PRODUCTS COMPONENTS × Bandpass Filter The Ultra-Q model 50368M is designed to eliminate cellular and paging interference in multiple address systems, but can also be extended to any application requiring a programmable bandpass filter, including VHF, UHF, cellular, PCS and the original MAS bands. Ultra-Q can operate from...
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News From Washington

NEWS FROM WASHINGTON Multi-Platform Radar Technology Insertion Program Award The US Air Force has awarded the team of Northrop Grumman Corporation's Integrated Systems Sector and Raytheon Company a $303 M contract for the first phase of the Multi-Platform Radar Technology Insertion Program (MP-RTIP). The three-year contract covers the design...
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Workshops & Courses

WORKSHOPS & COURSES RF CMOS Design * Topics: Strategies and techniques for developing CMOS receiver designs, with a heavy emphasis on process requirements, isolation and integration. A background in linear and nonlinear circuit design is desirable. * Site: Mountain View, CA * Dates: March 1­2, 2001 * Contact: Besser...
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Low Cost Electronically Scanning Antennas for Wireless Communications Applications

A series of low cost scanning antennas developed to increase performance capability
PRODUCT FEATURES Low Cost Electronically Scanning Antennas for Wireless Communications Applications Paratek Microwave Inc. Columbia, MD S uccess in today's fixed wireless communications market depends on many factors. From a technology perspective, systems today and in the future will be required to adapt to broadband dynamic needs, requiring systems...
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A DC to Ka-band Low Cost Surface Mountable RF-VIA™ Package

A new cost-effective, lightweight surface mountable package created to help increase high speed transmission capability in the wireless market
PRODUCT FEATURES A DC to Ka-band Low Cost Surface Mountable RF-VIA™ Package Kyocera America Inc. San Diego, CA T he wireless market, including cellular phones, local multipoint distribution systems, point-to-point radio programs, broadcasting systems and data exchange systems (such as Bluetooth), is experiencing explosive growth. As the number of...
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