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The Commercial Market

The Commercial Market RF MEMS to Bring Functionality and Efficiency to Cell Phones With true on/off switching, RF (radio frequency) MEMS hold considerable market promise, according to Cahners In-Stat Group. The report, "Market Snapshot: RF MEMS," projects that if developmental issues can be overcome and appropriate pricing levels are...
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The Book End

The Book End Bluetooth, Connect Without Cables Jennifer Bray and Charles F. Sturman Prentice Hall 493 pages; $48.99 ISBN: 0-13-089840-6 Bluetooth is set to be one of the fastest growing technologies since the Internet or the cellular phone. It represents a simple proposition: obviating the need for connectivity via...
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An Impendance-Controlled, High Precision Wafer Probe Tip for Applications Up to 40 GHz

Development and manufacture of a high precision wafer probe tip for on-wafer measurements
Product Feature An Impedance- Controlled, High Precision Wafer Probe Tip for Applications Up to 40 GHz Suss/Rosenberger, Germany Dresden, Germany Fig. 1 The probe's contact spring assembly and transition to the coaxial air line. High precision is a vital prerequisite for the development and manufacture of high frequency cables...
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Vector Network Analyzers For Measurement to 50 GHz

A new suite of high performance vector network analyzers is featured
Cover Feature Vector Network Analyzers For Measurements to 50 GHz Agilent Technologies Inc. Santa Rosa, CA The HP 8510 vector network analyzer introduced by Hewlett-Packard in 1985 revolutionized microwave measurements by combining advanced techniques for characterizing components with the computational power afforded by the microprocessor. For the first time,...
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An Aluminum Nitride High Power Dissipation RF Packaging Platform

Introduction to a low cost, highly flexible aluminum nitride (AlN) high power dissipation platform utilizing co-fired AlN in a variety of configurations
Product Feature An Aluminum Nitride High Power Dissipation RF Packaging Platform CMC Wireless Components Phoenix, AZ Aluminum nitride (AlN) is an ideal electrically insulating material for use in high power electronic packaging applications. Possessing both high thermal conductivity and a non-toxic chemical nature, AlN is commercially available in a...
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An Ultra-linear 3G Power Amplifier

Development of an ultra-linear power amplifier that operates from 2110 to 2170 MHz and delivers 15 W of output power with 45 dB of gain
Product Feature An Ultra-linear 3G Power Amplifier Unity Wireless Systems Corp. Burnaby, B.C., Canada Fig. 1 The amplifier's typical intermodulation performance. Third Generation (3G) wireless is the next phase in wireless communications, defined by the migration to packet-switched networks at high speed data rates. 3G capability will be a...
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Midsummer Thoughts on Microwave and RF Market Opportunities

Editorial overview of the current state of the microwave and RF industry, along with some general tips for the future
Commentary Midsummer Thoughts on Microwave and RF Market Opportunities Stuart P. Litt OEM Capital Northport, NY Today much of our industry is suffering through a severe business downturn. While we worry about how long it will last and how to get through it, we need also to think about...
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An Automatic Macro Program for Radio Frequency MOSFET Characteristics Analysis

Introduction to an automatic macro program used for the analysis of radio frequency MOSFETs
Technical Feature An Automatic Macro Program for Radio Frequency MOSFET Characteristics Analysis The parameter extraction language (PEL) in Agilent IC-CAP software is used to develop an automatic macro program for the analysis of the characteristics of RF MOSFETs. By using this powerful macro program, the time spent on the...
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Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplex Overview

Explanation of the improvement gained by applying space diversity techniques to the orthogonal frequency division multiplex system in a multipath fading environment
Technical Feature Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplex Overview Ali Zamanian Fluor Corp. Wireless broadband, also called wireless cable, was developed to provide local access to small business and residential users for the delivery of high quality digital data, video and voice services. Orthogonal frequency division multiplex (OFDM) is a modulation...
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Fractional-N Synthesizers

Description of fractional-N synthesizers and the associated systems used to implement the technology in commercially available products
Technical Feature Fractional-N Synthesizers David Owen IFR Systems Inc. Wichita, KS Fig. 1 A basic fractional-N system with no jitter correction based on a single accumulator. Fractional-N synthesizers have been used for many years to improve the performance of indirect frequency synthesizers. A simple indirect synthesizer consists of a...
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