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The Book End

The Book End Radar Systems for Technicians Ronald Bouwman Ronald D. Bouwman 528 pages; $80 This book is an assembly of radar knowledge, reconstructed into a logical order and restated in an understandable manner to create a single training foundation for radar technicians. The book is also a reference...
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A Linear, High Efficiency, HBT, CDMA Power Amplifier

A code-division multiple access (CDMA), cellular, dual-mode power amplifier to simplify cellular phone design, improve operation and reduce overall cost
A Linear, High Efficiency, HBT, CDMA Power Amplifier RF Micro Devices Inc. Greensboro, NC As code-division multiple access (CDMA) systems begin to see implementation in the US and other countries, many manufacturers are rolling out their CDMA cellular handsets. The final power amplifier for these handsets is critical to...
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A Linearized MMDS Solid-state Amplifier

A multichannel multipoint distribution system (MMDS) solid-state amplifier that offers the same performance as a backed-off 100 W high power amplifier while consuming only 5.5 A at 12 V DC
A Linearized MMDS Solid-state Amplifier Stealth Microwave a division of SSB Technologies Inc. Union, NJ Due to advances in digital compression technology for cable television systems, renewed interest in the 2.5 to 2.7 GHz frequency range has increased in the US and abroad. Multichannel multipoint distribution systems (MMDS) that...
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A PHS Test System for Japan

This month's cover features a personal handyphone test system developed in response to a Japanese customer's request for a test solution to increase capacity and reduce multipath propagation effects
A PHS Test System for Japan Noise Com Inc. Paramus, NJ The personal handyphone system (PHS) provides wireless communication to more than three million subscribers in Asia. One of the major PHS operators in Japan plans to employ maximum ratio-combining diversity with four (and optionally eight) antennas to increase...
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A Single-chip RF-IF Transceiver

A transceiver that represents the most cost-effective RF-IF front-end solution for 900 MHz digital cordless telephone designs
A Single-chip RF-IF Transceiver BethelTronix Inc. (BTI) Cerritos, CA Digital cordless telephone design is now considerably easier due to the introduction of the model BT1072B single-chip RF-IF transmitter-receiver (transceiver). This device is the state of the art in highly integrated wireless communications ICs. A typical RF receiver (RX) is...
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A Wireless LAN Access Point

An access point that allows wireless workstations to be added quickly and easily to a wired network
A Wireless LAN Access Point Lucent Technologies Inc. , Morristown, NJ (800) 928-3526 Today businesses all over the world are utilizing wireless local area networks (LAN), making mobile computing a reality. In response to the need for compatibility and higher performance, the WavePOINT®-II access point, which bridges standard Ethernet...
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Digital Microwave Radio Transceivers

Compact microwave digital radiolinks that offer 10 transmission rates, require no routine maintenance and can be reconfigured remotely
Digital Microwave Radio Transceivers Alcatel Telecom Radio, Space & Defense Division Nanterre, France Wireless transmission links are used in a wide range of networks, from fixed and mobile public telephone networks to corporate and other private networks. Wireless links enable operators to build their networks quickly, taking much less...
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Fifth Annual Wireless Exhibitor List

Fifth Annual Wireless Exhibitor List Following is a listing of booth numbers of companies that will be displaying products and services at the Wireless Exhibition. The list is complete as of press time but may not include all companies. Aeroflex Laboratories/Comstron 1258, 1259 Alactel Network Systems 1535 Amcor/Anam 1237...
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Fifth Annual Wireless Symposium Show Guide

Fifth Annual Wireless Symposium Show Guide Following is a listing of the workshops and papers composing the technical program of the 1997 Wireless Symposium & Exhibition, sponsored by Microwaves & RF and Wireless Systems Design magazines, to be held in Santa Clara, CA February 10Ð14, 1997. MONDAY, February 10,...
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