2.4 GHz Fiberglass Antenna
The model MFB24010 industrial, scientific and medical band omnidirectional antenna provides stable 10 dBi gain performance over 2.4 GHz frequencies with an SWR of less than 1.5. The unit is vertically polarized and terminates in a type-N female connector. Other electrical features include an impedance of 50 W, a bandwidth of 100 MHz at 1.5 SWR and a 9° vertical beamwidth at half power. The antenna is encased in a pultruded UV-stable fiberglass radome measuring 5/8" in diameter, which provides maximum durability and can withstand winds of up to 125 mph. The unit measures 36" tall with a mounting base of 1.25" and is designed for long-range wireless data collection requiring RF coverage. Suitable applications include traffic monitoring in the transportation industry, inventory tracking on factory floors and wireless Internet communications.
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