Executive Interview: Geoff Burling, CEO of AtlanTecRF

Success based on a wide product range, technical knowledge, the ability to communicate with engineers and a commitment to service

Geoff Burling, CEO of AtlanTecRFGeoff Burling, CEO of AtlanTecRF, explains how his career and company have taken off since working on the Concorde, as well as discussing his philosophy of design, manufacturing and market development.

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Executive Interview: C. G. Shih, president of Wavetek Microelectronics

A foundry with an interesting mix of III-V, speciality CMOS, GaN on Si and SAW processes

C. G. Shih, president of "pure play" foundry Wavetek Microelectronics, discusses the company's entry to the III-V foundry business, their targeted markets and unique mix of process technologies and the outlook for GaAs-based processes given the advance of silicon.

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Executive Interview: Steve Takaki, executive VP of RFMW

Supporting the entire RF transceiver block diagram from the antenna to the baseband modulators and demodulators.

Steve Takaki, executive VP of RFMW, Ltd.Steve Takaki, executive vice president of RFMW Ltd., explains the meaning of a “pure play” distributor, how that strategy provides more value to customers and what steps the company is taking to grow.

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