Executive Interview: Nathan Kundtz, Founder, CEO and President of Kymeta

Using metamaterials to make high throughput mobile communications easy and available

Nathan Kundtz, founder, CEO and president of Kymeta Corporation, makes the case for satellites' role in serving the global demand for connectivity and how Kyneta's unique metamaterials beamforming technology enables lightweight, slim and cost-effective antenna systems for satellite terminals.

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Executive Interview: Jim Morgan, President of SemiGen

While technology and products are important, the hourly employees are the key to success

Jim Morgan, president of SemiGen, Inc. describes his path to SemiGen and how the company's assembly services, portfolio of diodes and chip capacitors, responsiveness to customers and unique management philosophy have built a successful and growing business.

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Executive Interview: John Richardson, President of X-Microwave

A system of modular building blocks and simulation tools that enables designers to reduce development time and get into production

John Richardson, president of X-Microwave, describes the company’s modular building block system and how it integrates the simulation, prototyping and production of RF/microwave subsystems to accelerate development and time-to-market.

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Executive Interview: Jim Milligan, Director of RF for Wolfspeed

Wolfspeed will remain with Cree, after the Infineon deal was blocked by the U.S. government

With the Infineon acquisition scuttled by U.S. government concerns about foreign ownership, Wolfspeed will remain with Cree. Jim Milligan, director of RF, discusses the company's product and technology plans following this unexpected outcome.

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Executive Interview: Roland Steffen, Executive VP for T&M at Rohde & Schwarz

Founded in 1933, Rohde & Schwarz has developed technologies, forged a global presence and continues to innovate

Roland Steffen, Executive Vice President of Test and Measurement and Vice President of Market Segment Wireless Communications at Rohde & Schwarz, explains how a family-owned company founded in 1933 has developed technologies, forged a global presence and continues to innovate for future generations.

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