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Oxford software doubles product revenue stream for MM Microwave

Software from the University of Oxford has doubled the income stream for feed horn antennae products for Yorkshire-based MM Microwave. The software suite allows for the design of high performance feed horns and antenna arrays that can be rapidly and inexpensively manufactured, moving away from conventional cumbersome corrugated-wall feed horns.

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RFS debuts category A SB6-W60B microwave antennas with high-speed wind stability

Radio Frequency Systems (RFS), the global wireless and broadcast infrastructure specialist, announced that it has introduced a new addition to the CompactLine® series of microwave antennas with the release of the 6 GHz Category A SB6-W60B. Featuring a wind-tunnel tested design suited for both tight urban locations and rugged outposts, the SB6-W60B offers a superior radiation pattern for consistent performance with less interference.  

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