Auriga Microwave, an innovator in the design of high-powered RF and microwave devices, announces that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office granted a patent for technology that will make the control circuit design much simpler for high-power RF switches used in many communication systems.

U.S. Patent Publication No. US-8368451, titled "High power radio frequency (RF) switch," provides a means to realize a high-power switch using low-switching voltage. Applying this concept, Auriga demonstrated a 100 W, 1 GHz switch using only 20 V switching voltage, where previously 100 V switching voltage would otherwise be required.

Dr. Yusuke Tajima, chief technology officer for Auriga, said, "Switch technology is key to RF designers working in the communication market space. Simplification of the control circuit is a big step forward to deploying this technology to the market". Tajima continued, "This patent builds upon our previous patents, all focused on RF microwave frontends and optimizing their performance."