BridgeWave Communications, a supplier of gigabit wireless solutions for 4G network backhaul, and Provigent, a provider of System-on-a-Chip (SoC) solutions for the broadband wireless transmission market, announced a strategic partnership enabling BridgeWave to extend its market leading millimeter-wave solutions to the edge of 4G networks.

Provigent will collaborate with BridgeWave to develop a chipset that provides increased spectral efficiencies supporting multi-gigabit rates in up to 1 GHz RF channel bandwidth. As part of this strategic cooperation, BridgeWave will pay non recurring engineering (NRE) to Provigent and Provigent will grant BridgeWave favorable terms. This partnership supports Provigent's mission to provide advanced chipsets to the broadband wireless market and BridgeWave's mission to offer a complete set of backhaul solutions including edge and aggregation, utilizing the 70/80 GHz spectrum. BridgeWave's experience as the leading millimeter-wave solution provider, combined with Provigent's cutting-edge technology, will enable BridgeWave to deliver a broader range of cost-effective, highly integrated systems with advanced functionality.

"Mobile operators require flexible products that address scalability and capacity needs with a low total cost of ownership," said Amir Makleff, CEO at BridgeWave. "The level of silicon integration offered by Provigent will enable BridgeWave to offer 70/80 GHz solutions at price points similar to lower frequency microwave products, without taking shortcuts that will adversely affect the usefulness of this spectrum in the future."

"The 70/80 GHz FDD approach we are implementing is critical as it is mandated by existing regulatory agencies and best preserves spectrum for future dense 4G deployments," added Idan Bar-Sade, SVP of Engineering and Product Management at BridgeWave.

"Mobile backhaul capacity requirements continue to grow and carriers are planning their networks to meet future needs," said Dan Charash, CEO of Provigent. "Our System-on-a-Chip solutions enable our customers to provide cost- effective high capacity solutions for these needs, across all frequency bands. Adding 70/80 GHz technology in partnership with BridgeWave to our portfolio further strengthens Provigent's position as the industry's leading SoC provider."