Microwave Vision announced the upcoming installation in Asia of a StarLine system, a hybrid planar Near-Field (NF) scanner with a 3 m vertical linear probe array.

Hybrid systems are composed of SATIMO's high-performance probe arrays paired with ORBIT/FR’s high-precision mechanical positioners. The StarLine product line combines mechanical scanning in the horizontal-axis with electronic scanning of a probe array in the vertical-axis. It offers a dramatic measurement speed increase for large antennas without compromising accuracy. The frequency range of StarLine systems spans from 500 MHz to 18 GHz. All mechanical planar scanner systems can be upgraded to a StarLine configuration.

"The future of NF Planar Scanners is here today: we are pursuing numerous opportunities for both upgrades of existing Planar NF Scanners as well as new StarLine systems," said Gianni Barone, Sales Director of the Microwave Vision Group.