Integra Technologies Inc. (ITI) announced the development of High Voltage Gallium Nitride on Silicon technology. Leveraging a world class design team and internal wafer fabrication facility with nearly two years of research and development has culminated in the announcement and launch of two new products: The IGN2731M25 and IGN2731M50. Integra has developed the first high voltage GaN-on-silicon HEMT process with drain-source breakdowns exceeding 200 V. The high breakdown voltage enables the devices to operate at higher voltages than seen in today’s marketplace, which translates into higher performance.

The GaN technology development effort is a direct result of customer requests for smaller, more efficient power devices with broadband performance. “This just demonstrates Integra management’s commitment to providing superior technology and world class devices to our customers. Integra is excited by this new technology that allows us to penetrate new markets involving CW applications such as Electronics Warfare (EW) for the defense industry,” said John Titizian, Integra’s Founder and President, describing the development effort. “We have years of RF expertise manufacturing high power semiconductors and with our low overhead cost structure we will continue to dominate in both price and performance.”

“Integra further solidifies its leadership position in high power pulsed RF transistors in the S-band radar market with these two new products,” said Jeff Burger, VP of Engineering and original founding member. “We continue to provide superior technology and excellent support to customers in our target market.”